Train Aid To Provide Distance Learning On It's PTLLS Training Courses

Released on: November 05, 2012, 6:59 am
Industry: Education

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Teacher training provider Train Aid is looking to allow candidates to study through a distance learning scheme. This brand new scheme will apply to the successful monthly PTLLS Training courses that run in two locations across the capital. The distance learning option will open up affordable training options to candidates who live in neighbouring towns and counties. It is hoped that the new training style will also encourage more people to consider a change of career.

The concept of distance learning allows people to study a subject area in a remote location. Usually courses are taught at a training centre over the course of four days. This in itself can be restrictive, and prevent candidates from enrolling on courses. A distance learning scheme ultimately removes barriers and offers a greater degree of flexibility.

Distance training options have a variety of benefits for a large scope of learning styles. One of the main benefits is that it opens up PTLLS Courses to full time workers / mum’s and Dads who can’t necessarily afford to take four days off work. The new flexible option means candidates can read through and complete assignments at a time which best suits their own calendar. It also helps learners who find that they work best on their own, and at a pace which suits them. The company is looking to accommodate all learning styles, which is something that the PTLLS coordinator was able to elaborate on:

Train Aid wants to be truly flexible with their training options, and open up courses to more individuals from a variety of backgrounds. This can be achieved by the giving people the option to study away from the training centre, but also brings extra responsibility from the training provider. In order to accommodate this we will offer live support as well as telephone and email backup for candidates”.

So candidates get the opportunity to learn on their own, but with the full support of their PTLLS Training coordinator. There is only half a day’s contact time required whereby candidates present a micro lesson to their peers. This involves presenting a 15 minute micro lesson on a specialist subject area. By its conclusion the candidate is then ready to change their career by becoming a teacher / trainer.

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